half-life 1 and it's modding community has changed my life forever.

the amount of creativity and support on display from them has been incredibly motivating, and still drives me to do more to this day.


mid 2017 - early 2018

first attempt at more than just a map pack.

didn't get very far at all.

main concept was literally "half-life but on a spaceship, and instead of Xen aliens, there's demons".

files lost in an HDD crash.


2017 - 2019

a xash-based beta-themed mod heavily inspired by Rainfall and Black Mesa.

I still really like the style and code changes here, but I (probably) won't work on a mod of this scale alone ever again.

files lost in an HDD crash.


late 2018 - late 2019

a xash-based half-life 2 beta mod. I joined the dev team around mid-way through development.

I made a whopping one map, and a bunch of code.

ended up handling builds and gathering stuff from team members during my time working on it.

still really like the style and custom content here, but it's been cancelled and is almost definitely not coming back.

the dev repo is still there, and the files have been archived.